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SolrSharp and Solr versions

Jun 5, 2009 at 6:02 PM

We've had several good patches submitted as well as some great suggestions for updating SolrSharp.  Bug fixes, improvements, or supporting new features in Solr, these updates are welcome.

The "current" version of SolrSharp was built with Solr v1.2 as the currently released library.  Solr v1.3 was timestamped as current in September 2008.  Many features of Solr v1.4 are fully committed in the Solr SVN tree, and have been deployed in various locations.

When the Solr committers "release" a version, a specific set of changes are timestamped and marked as a release.  If you were to download Solr from the Apache website, the zipped set of files is from the latest marked release.  As of today, that's version 1.3.  If you want some of the features or fixes being primed for version 1.4, you need to pull down the source code and build it yourself.

It makes sense to me that SolrSharp should be structured with corresponding branching to Solr's branching release strategy.  This allows users of SolrSharp to get the right library with their version of Solr.